Monday, 26 January 2015

Behind my empty eyes

People said,

" I'm just protecting myself. I refuse to be hurt again.
Even if it means I have to be the one doing the hurting. " 

I presume that it may be all there. I guessed it's right about some things. But I can't bear to portray that position. I can only guess what it cost on myself  rather than being the person who hurt others, become the person getting hurt. 

I want to inspire people, I want someone to look at me and say because of you "I didn't give up" . 

A lonely girl,
With her vacant stares,
Screaming in silence,
But nobody cares.

Her pain goes unnoticed,
No one can tell,
She smiles like an angel,
But she's living through scars.

Her eyes blink with madness,
She close her own heart,
Her sad little smile,
Fades and grow thin.

Scars on her body,
Scars on her soul,
This hateful world,
Has taken its toll.

Ceased to think as wet behind the ears transmuted into passion ? Or do I need to keep swapping all memories. Shouldn't I? Learn to survive. Nothing loath to believe then regret than doubt then regret, I guess

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