Tuesday, 27 January 2015

You are not broken

“From the perfection of Allah’s ihsan is that He allows His slave to taste the bitterness of the break before the sweetness of the mend. So He does not break his believing slave, except to mend him. And He does not withhold from him, except to give him. And He does not test him (with hardship) , except to cure him.” —  Ibn al-Qayyim [rahimahullah]
When you apply for a job, the manager will first give you a trial. He’ll interview you and be a little tricky. He’ll put you in unexpected scenarios and will assess your reaction. The whole point of this is to test your determination, your eagerness for the job, to determine whether you’re a strong, hard worker or if you’ll fallout at the first sign of difficulty.

The same thing goes when we apply for "Jannah". Although we’re already Muslim, there’s a point in our lives we become full time workers of Allah and begin to comply with all His rules properly. So when Allah sees that, He tests whether we are genuine or not. He puts us in strange situations to determine our reaction. He pressures us a little to see if we’re going to back out or break through. He twirls us in a few circles and we see things a little confusing, just to determine whether we are genuine and if we deserve it. When we pass those minor tests and small moments, Allah grants us ease.

 ' Verily, with hardship there is relief ' ( Qur’an 94:6 )

That is the promise of Allah. Often we get caught up in the temporary moments of world, and feel like everything is against us. The key is to remember Allah. Remember that these are just tribulations, and these too shall pass. Just like everything else in life that changes, our situation does too. Allah only intends to purify and cleanse us. He’s preparing us for something better. What we’re living in now are “peanuts” compared to the hereafter. Be God conscious, have faith, and don’t give up ! Success is just around the corner if we have patience. Let’s earn Jannah insyaAllah.

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