Thursday, 14 November 2013

Start Over

It's some kinda a refreshing to have a new pages. Altered glimpse, of course for my eyes. I had nearly run out of breath sinking in water. Keep deluging inside me, reaching every part of my choked soul without leaving even one inch to keep my heart beat. Do you hear the sound ? sort of something that can't even make it to reach the surface ? to some degree, it's very tranquil painful sound. Culminate in the bubble, soft bubble which making the sound. The sound of the callous soul that being dying in water.

Yes, it's all about former time. I just hope that I could start all over again, where there's nobody knows me. Hold on! Doesn't all of this just being over the top ? I'm exaggerating this isn't ? Don't you know that our Lord is the Most Mercy. His Amnesty will never lose out on whatever deeds that we've done. With this passion and warmth, i devoted my own soul to Him. And bang on, He owns all of the souls, none of them is ours. Frankly, as long as i keep believing in Him, I'm pretty sure He won't let me down.

Be a devotee, keep faith on Him.


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