Saturday, 9 May 2015

[ Tranquil sound that can't even reach the surface ]

She was cornered by the assailants wielding their own weapons.
Prepared to carry out their mission, showing no mercy.
The unsheathed swords were everywhere to be seen. 
She's bewildered, anticipates silently for the imminent punishment.
That’s the moment when the shield appears from somewhere unknown, cover up all the pains.
How could she lets those chapters slip from the memory ? No. If was just fated to happen again.

She was remembering the old days, gives the once-over at the mirror.
Espied the wall in the far distance, make an attempt to go through it.
She peeked through a crack, clung to the remembrance of phrases in the yesteryear chapter.
She held a minute's silence in memory, eavesdrop on nothing but the echoes of her own voice in the wall.
All songs seem to bewail a grief in hope, she has no regrets about being the guilty role. 
Endure thus far to seize afterwards, over and above to possess who she is these days.

All of us are sinners, but we sin in the different ways. Perhaps.

'Verily, with hardship there is relief ' [al-Quran 94:6]
That is the promise from Allah. Often we get caught up in the temporary moments of world, and feel like everything is against us. The key is to remember Allah. Remember that these are just tribulations, and these too shall pass. Just like everything else in life that changes, our situation does too. Allah only intends to purify and cleanse us. He’s preparing us for something better. What we’re living in now are “peanuts” compared to the hereafter. Be God conscious, have faith, and don’t give up ! Success is just around the corner if we have patience. Let’s earn Jannah insyaAllah.

What's coming will be far better for you than the situation you're in now .
Very soon, Allah will give you rewards and genuine happiness .
Didn’t He found you seeking truth, so He guided you ?
Believe in believe.

Very soon.

11.17 p.m
Mediterranean Sea, Egypt
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